The Designer


It is primarily the story of a woman: a dreamer, a traveller, and a lover. For almost three years Olga Zarifopoulou, the founder of the brand created jewellery at her image. She, a woman of rich experiences, whose soul is moved according to her adventures, her encounters and her discoveries. It's the look, this fancy and romantic look she lays on life that makes her creations so desirable. As many artists, childhood, and its excess of fantasised stories, nourishes her universe. As a child already, this cosmopolitan girl invented fairy stories, was dumbfounded at her grandmother's jewels, reproduced images that flash in her head in her drawing book. She was creating a world of her own, notably inspired by her parents' artistic community.

Curious and contemplative, she brought sensations and memories from her many travels to Argentina, New York, Middle East. At the age of choices, she realised that Art, in all its forms, made her vibrate. After a bachelor and masters in architecture and history of architecture in the University of Oxford, of a between Athens and London, and a passage through the Christie’s and Sotheby's auction house as her hobby, she obtained to travel half of the world in less than half decade . Her fate then emerged naturally, as nicely as the first lucky charms she made for her friends when she was only six years old. Thus her brand would be known, attracting all girls that love evocative jewellery.

Since then, Ozar has built a unique world where symbolism still holds a major role, where the past and present are combined with originality, where her pieces are like those artists jewellery she cherishes so much, where nature, travel, history but also photography, architecture or music, her greek roots, are endless sources of inspiration. The Collections are subtly reflecting the personality and sensibility of the designer, who divides her time between Athens and Dubai.

Thus, like her, the sublime creations of Olga Zarifopoulou reinvent themselves constantly. Lace, flowers, anthropomorphes, blinks always made or dipped in gold -have now become her heritage. They became her keys, timeless classics that she constantly reinterprets. Over the years, she worked hard to revisit its star pieces, to enrich the vocabulary, to give it that little extra something that characterizes her so well. She plays with her codes as we play with our identity. Season after season, she enhances the origin pieces reflecting her moods'; she perfectly transcribes the world she feels around her, always following her extraordinary destiny.